What we do

Since 2008 Nur Energie has built up a portfolio of over 2,270MW of projects under development using various technologies including CSP Tower, PV, BIPV and CPV.

The projects are implemented in different countries across Southern Europe and North Africa including France, Italy, Greece, Morocco and Tunisia.

As a project developer, Nur Energie's work first consists of selecting and securing accessible, high solar radiation sites with no alternative agricultural or social use. The company seeks to establish joint ventures with strong local partners and assemble local teams with expertise in variety of development, finance and policy fields. In order to meet demand profile of the off-taker and to produce at lowest possible cost, Nur Energie works closely with technology providers to identify the optimum technology for the site and the off-take agreeement. The company also works to actively engage in dialogue with key policy makers to drive beneficial market conditions both locally and internationally. Finally Nur Energie utilizes the teams experience to structuring and align the critical aspects of project finance, EPC contracts and power off-take contracts.