Joint venture with Motor Oil Hellas to develop two CSP plants on Crete and Rhodes, each approximately 50MW in size

Nur Energie in Greece

In 2009 Nur Energie established a subsidiary, NUR-MOH HELIOTHERMAL S.A. (NUR-MOH), which is shared with Motor Oil Hellas. Motor Oil Hellas is a leader in the petroleum refining industry providing the region that it serves with a reliable and affordable supply of energy. MOH is listed in Athens Stock Exchange and plays a prominent role in the Greek economy. NUR-MOH works with leading CSP technology providers, to develop one of the most advanced CSP tower systems in the world.

Crete Project Site

The first project being developed by Nur Energie is a 50MW CSP plant located on the island of Crete. The area is suitable for CSP as southern Crete is an autonomous island, experiences high levels of solar radiation and Greece offers a feed-in-tariff regime for CSP with 25years PPA. The site on Crete has been chosen for its minimal environmental impact, at one of the best areas in Europe in terms of solar radiation.

The selected CSP technology is ideal for this island given the power demand profile both on a daily and seasonal basis. Tracking mirrors (heliostats) concentrate the sun energy to generate heat which is converted into electrical energy to be distributed on to the islands electrical grid.

The project is fully licensed and ready for construction. In addition, Nur Energie and its JV Partner MOH have applied for the NER300 grant program. In December 2012, the MINOS CSP project was awarded and secured a 42mio € grant. The conditions of the grant require a technical solution with direct superheat steam generation of at least 50MWe installed capacity. In our project, MINOS stands for ‘Minimum Intermittency Operating System’ and indicates the innovative control methodology and the systems developed for the cloud-effect mitigation control and the combined operation of the solar field, the solar receiver and the thermal energy storage system. The MINOS platform aims at reducing the intermittency of the CSP station down to a minimum and provide firm power to the grid irrespective of cloud conditions.

Nur Energie's DNI recording device and monitoring site


About NER300
"NER300" is the nickname of a financing instrument managed jointly by the European Commission, European Investment Bank and Member States, so-called because Article 10(a) 8 of the revised Emissions Trading Directive 2009/29/EC contains the provision to set aside 300 million allowances (rights to emit one tone of carbon dioxide) in the New Entrants’ Reserve of the European Emissions Trading Scheme for subsidizing installations of innovative renewable energy technology and carbon capture and storage (CCS). The allowances are being sold on the carbon market and the money raised will be made available to projects as they operate. Approximately €1.5bn became available to 23 renewable energy projects in the first call.  The complete list of awarded projects available on the Commission website.