Nur Energie has successfully developed and sold Greenfield PV projects in Italy and is currently focused on the licensing and permitting work for the European end of the TuNur export project

Nur Energie in Italy

PV Activities

Nur Energie started development of PV activities in Italy in 2009 and focused on small scale (1 to 5MW) Greenfield PV projects in the regions of Puglia and Lazio. At the time the market was very attractive with a favourable feed in tariff and an efficient licensing and permitting process for projects of this size.







Nur Energie’s strategy was to develop projects and exit when they were ready for construction by selling to third party investors. The development activities included site evaluation,  negotiation of the lease or purchase of land, obtaining grid connection, obtaining the required construction permit and choosing the most appropriate technology. Nur also undertook financial planning by obtaining debt and equity finance and negotiations with the EPC contractors.








Nur Energie successfully developed on sold several PV projects in Italy of 1MW each. Since this time the Italian PV market has become less attractive for independent developers and now Nur Energie’s Italian activities are focused on the permitting and licensing of the TuNur cable project.



Export Project Activities

Nur Energie’s primarily activities in Italy to day consist of the permitting and licensing work for the European end of the TuNur export project by means of its Italian subsidiary Nur Power Italy, which represents the "transco" or electricity transmission company for the TuNur project. In parallel Nur Energie is also working on securing off taker agreements for the power with various European, and Italian, counterparties.

Nur Energie identified Italy as being the most optimum landing point due to proximity to Tunisia, grid availability on the coast and its existing interconnection and energy flow with the rest of the European Grid.

The TuNur project (see link) uses an HVDC submarine cable to transport the power from Northern Tunisia to Europe. The TuNur transmission system, including land lines in Tunisia for approx. 600km, the submarine cable and the converter stations in both countries is being studied, designed and specified in Italy.