CSP and PV power plants for industrial heat and power consumption.

Nur Energie in Morocco

At a crossroads between Europe, Middle East and Africa, Morocco has quite uniquely engaged formerly into the development of renewable energy in general, and solar energy in particular. While Morocco currently imports more than 95% of its energy needs, deeply affecting its trade balance and the State budget, the country benefits from exceptional wind and solar conditions.

Within this context, the Government of Morocco has strategically established the necessary conditions for the development of renewable energy, with a mix of private and public initiatives:

  • The Renewable Energy law (13.09) enables private renewable energy production, opening the electricity market to Independent Power Producers
  • The National Wind Power Initiative, which aims at installing 1,000 MW of wind farms in Morocco by 2020, through tenders organized by the national water and electricity utility, ONEE
  • The Moroccan Solar Plan, which aims at installing  2,000 MW of solar power production assets by 2020. The Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (MASEN), created on purpose in 2009, is coordinating the process. The first phase of the plan, a 160 MW parabolic trough CSP plant, has been awarded in 2012 and has started construction, after successful tendering that attracted key international industrial and financial stakeholders, making it a flagship project for the country and the whole MENA region.

Nur’s strategy is to focus on building long term strong partnerships with key local stakeholders and industrials, and developing projects to meet their exact needs and requirements.

Nur Energie is currently working with an industrial partner, who has high energy consumption, to provide them with:

  • Hedge on fluctuating/increasing energy prices
  • Security of energy supply

Nur Energie has been operating two meteorological and DNI measurement stations on two of the industrial partners sites since summer 2012.