In Tunisia Nur Energie is developing one of the world's first utility-scale solar export projects.

Nur Energie in Tunisia

Since 2008 Nur Energie has been developing a 2,000MW solar export project between Tunisia and Europe.

In 2011, Nur Energie formed TuNur Ltd., a Joint Venture with a group of Tunisian investors led by TOP Group  and Glory Clean Energy (see www.topoilfieldservices.com), that is further developing this utility-scale solar export project between Tunisia and Europe. TuNur Ltd (see www.tunur.tn) is a true South-North partnership and the project is the first DESERTEC project in conformity of the DESERTEC principles.

TuNur project is a commercial concept which consists of three projects in one:

  1. Construction and operation of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants with a capacity of up to 2GW in the South-West of Tunisia
  2. 2GW High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) on-land and sub-marine cable from Tunisia to Italy
  3. Sale of electricity to customers in Europe: Once landed in Italy, power can be transported to other European countries such as Germany, Switzerland, France and the UK

Nur Energie has opted for Tunisia to develop TuNur considering the high CSP potential in the country which are confirmed by the solar data from of TuNur solar measurement station installed in South-Western Tunisia. Tunisia has up to 20% better radiation than the best sites in Europe and the Sahara desert provide significant land to develop solar power projects.

In January 2012, TuNur was endorsed by the DESERTEC Foundation (see www.desertec.org), who had evaluated TuNur’s project development work and confirmed that it adhered by the principles established by the DESERTEC Foundation for sustainable Desertec projects.