TuNur maintains strong partnerships with a number of companies and national and international initiatives that promote renewable energy.

Low Carbon Ltd is a major supporter of the TuNur project through its signficant shareholding in Nur Enegrie Ltd, a shareholder of TuNur. Low Carbon invests in renewable energy companies and projects. Embracing solar photovoltaic, concentrated solar power, wind and anaerobic digestion technologies, Low Carbon have funded and are building and/or operating more than 350MW, aligning with long-term global demand for renewable energy and its opportunities for their investor partners. Low Carbon has deployed over £200 million to renewable energy investments a total they expect to increase as demand for sustainable power grows.

The Tunisian Renewable Energy Cluster was created in Bordj Cédria as a scientific association on 30 October 2013 by thirteen founding companies, specializing in Renewable Energies. The association aims to develop the renewable energy sector by collaborative operational actions and to define a strategy for the sector through the mobilization of its current members and others: companies or actors of public or private sector.