Categories: Italy Updates
      Date: Sep  9, 2010
     Title: Nur Energie presents at CSP EXPO 2010 in Rome

On the 9th of September, Daniele Tabacco, Head of Italy at Nur Energie, spoke at CSP Expo 2010 in Rome, within the session: “Concentrating Solar Power: an Opportunity for the World”.

In his presentation Daniele outlined Nur Energie’s achievements and plans in Tunisia as well as the recent progress on the feasibility of the submarine HVDC cable connection on the Italian side. He also presented the 35 MW Tower CSP project in Greece as a case study and unique best practice for CSP development in Europe.

The presentation stressed the socio-economic impact of the Solar Export project for the North African region and explained that this is a key aspect of the development approach by Nur Energie who focus on getting support from local communities by fostering employment opportunities and economic growth in those countries.

Please find Daniele's presentation from the conference below.