Categories: Tunisia Updates
      Date: Jan 26, 2012
     Title: TuNur Ltd, the UK Ambassador to Tunisia and the UKTI host a seminar on the TuNur solar export project 

TuNur Ltd. held a well-attended seminar on the proposed TuNur solar energy export project in Southern Tunisia at the UK Ambassador’s residence in Tunis on 26 January 2012.

Over 75 attendees from Tunisian ministries, the power company STEG, private companies as well as from the international community were welcomed by UK Ambassador Chris O’Connor, who underlined the strong links in the energy sector between the UK and Tunisia.

Four presentations were given at the seminar by representatives from Tunur Ltd, the DESERTEC Foundation, the World Bank and the European Commission. The presentations focused on the TuNur project in particular, as well as on the policy environment for solar export projects in Europe and the financial support by the World Bank for solar CSP projects in the Middle-East North-Africa (MENA) region.

Please click here to view Tunur Ltd's presentation.

Please click here to view the DESERTEC Foundation's presentation.

Please click here to view the Worlds Bank's presentation.

Please click here to view the European Commission's presentation.