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      Date: Apr 29, 2013
     Title: Chairman and CEO of Nur Energie presents at Global Growth Conference

Kevin Sara, Chairman and CEO of Nur Energie, outlined the company’s solar energy activities in North Africa and the barriers to green growth across the Mediterranean region at the "Global Growth Conference, on the 22nd and 23rd of February 2013.

Taking place in Rabat, Morocco, organized by Amadeus Institute, the "Global Growth Conference,"  was an international conference on global economic growth attended by nearly 250 economic decision makers, policy makers, representatives of international and regional organizations, leaders companies, experts and specialized media.

For this first edition, 40 top-level speakers from the five continents were present to discuss various aspects of the economic growth and essentially the theme of green growth as an engine of growth, the relationship between political stability and economic growth, economic growth through regional integration or growth through the identification of new investment opportunities.

Kevin Sara (Third from right) in the panel of Green Growth: Global models in sustainable and affordable energy session

Mr. Sara presented the company’s activities as an independant solar power plant developer in the Mediterranean and its presence in countries in North Africa such as Morocco and Tunisia, and in particular he outlined the solar opportunities in Morocco through Masen tendering processes sand industrial partnerships.

Mr. Sara explained the importance of abundance of renewable resources especially solar resources in such countries that presents an advantage for cost reduction. He also outlined the main barriers to green growth, mainly regulations barriers and market barriers. According to Mr. Sara, the ability to export solar energy from North Africa to Europe has many challenges due to a current lack of political, legal and institutional framework but the regions are working towards this and it will become a major aspect within the global energy industry.

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