Categories: Tunisia Updates
      Date: Sep 16, 2013
     Title: Kevin Sara presents at the G8 Deauville Partnership Investment Conference in London

Kevin Sara, CEO of Nur Energie Ltd and Chairman of TuNur Ltd discusses the TuNur project and Nur Energie firsthand experience of the challenges and opportunities of private investment in Tunisia during its democratic transition period, at the G8 Deauville Partnership Investment Conference in London.

The UK Presidency of the G8, in association with the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development and the Islamic Development Bank, held a Deauville Partnership Investment Conference in London on the 16th of September 2013.

The conference brought together ministers, business leaders, investors and senior government officials from across the G8, the Arab Countries in Transition across the Middle East and North Africa and Deauville regional partners, as well as the major International Financial Institutions.

Overcoming barriers to investment is at the centre of this initiative. The conference contributes to the Deauville Partnership’s long-term goal of generating job creation and prosperity for the people of the Arab Countries in Transition.

As a private investor in an Arab-spring country, Nur Energie shared it first-hand experience in Tunisia through the TuNur project. In front of an audience of UK and Tunisian ministers, central bank representatives and senior experts from major institutions such as IMF and the World Bank, Kevin Sara, described the challenges and the opportunities of private investment and initiatives in pre and post Revolution Tunisia.

Kevin Sara explained that Nur Energie is developing an innovative win-win project which will attract inward investments and create jobs, alleviating therefore an underlying cause of the Arab Spring. Despite the turmoil, TuNur has remained engaged with Tunisia and had continuous interaction with ministers and officials of the different post-revolution governments, which could be challenging for the implementation of the project. On the other hand, European governements can contribute to the success of the democratic transition of Tunisia and support private initiatives such as TuNur project.