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TuNur presents at Second EU Energy Summit

Feb 23, 2016

TuNur sponsors and presents at the Second EU Energy Summit held in Brussels on 23 February 2016.

The 2nd EU Energy Summit titled EU Energy Policy in the Wake of COP21, which took place in Brussels on 23rd February 2016, targeted to a high-level political and business audience and covered key themes relevant to the energy sector following the COP21 in Paris.

The Summit presented an excellent opportunity to assess the outcomes of the COP21 as well as the implementation and impact of the legal and technical tools adopted by the EU in recent years aimed to improve the European energy market’s integration and its efficiency.

It further offered a platform to debate, with respect to the decisions taken so far by the European Union to organise its energy market under its “2030 Climate and Energy Framework”, on the orientations of the future EU energy policy. That is, how the EU should continue to develop and deepen its policies and initiatives in the energy field while ensuring their optimal consistency with the fight against climate change, as well as with business competitiveness, industry, trade and foreign relations constraints. Further details that were debated were the new energy market design, the reinforcement of energy security, the consumer’s role, the increasing share of renewable energy, energy efficiency and savings, safe and low-carbon energy generation, regional cooperation, transparency and governance, internal electricity market design, a resilient gas market, funding of new energy generation and network infrastructures, and improvement of research and innovation developments.

Kevin Sara, Director and CEO of TuNur, presented the project TuNur and explained the great potential of solar power for North Africa, creating jobs and economics development, thereby helping to stabilise the region. He further emphasised the benefits for Europe from importing dispatchable renewable energy, including the support of climate change goals, as well as increasing energy security by diversifying supply and complementing intermittent renewable energies like PV and wind. Mr. Sara also outlined the main barriers to green growth, such as regulatory barriers and market barriers. Increasing coordination of energy policies between European member states and creating an increasingly homogeneous market will allow renewable energies to compete on a market basis and ultimately lead to a low-cost efficient and sustainable market and an improvement of overall energy security.

About TuNur

TuNur is a solar export project from Tunisia to Europe. It aims to develop the first utility-scale solar export project between Tunisia and Europe. As a first stage, the project consists of a 250MW CSP Tower plant with molten salt storage with a dedicated HVDC transmission line from the site, landing in Malta. As a second stage, the project consists of 2,250MW CSP Tower plant with molten salt storage on the same site with a dedicated HVDC transmission line from the site, landing North of Rome, Italy. Once landed in Italy 9,000GWh per annum of low carbon dispatchable power will be transported to off-takers across Europe. The project will contribute significantly to the decarbonization of the European grid by opening a new energy corridor between North Africa and Europe, purposefully built for the transportation of solar energy from the Sahara desert to the European grid. At the same time the project will provide a strong stimulus to enhance the Tunisian economy and further its path toward sustainable growth.

About Nur Energie

Nur Energie is an independent solar power plant developer focused on significant climate change mitigation by opening new energy corridors. Nur is developing utility scale concentrated solar power (“CSP”) and photovoltaic (“PV”) projects in Southern Europe and North Africa that are capable of producing low carbon, base load power at competitive prices, all whilst generating significant socio economic benefits within the regions it develops in. Nur currently has over 2,200MW of under development in Greece, Morocco, Tunisia and France.


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For more information please go to http://energypolicysummit.eu

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