What we do

Nur Energie (“Nur”) is a solar power plant developer and investor with a project portfolio of over 2,570MW under development using various technologies including CSP Tower, PV, BIPV and CPV.

As a project developer Nur originates, structures and finances solar power plants.  Nur primarily operates in Southern Europe (France, Italy and Greece) and North Africa (Morocco and Tunisia) but actively looks at new markets across the ‘sun-belt’ region including sub Saharan Africa, Southern Africa, Middle East and Asia.

1. Origination

Nur develops projects through both private initiatives and tenders. The first stage of project origination is market identification where Nur seeks to identify markets which have a high level of solar resource and attractive investment climate.  This part of the development process includes analysis of the installed energy mix and natural resources available in each individual market to understand is it is possible to reach grid parity and provide competitive energy prices from solar energy projects. In the case of private projects or tenders where no land is pre selected an investigation is also carried out to investigate the solar resource and climate conditions to identify specific potential sites where solar projects are economical.

In the early stages, once a market has been identified, Nur’s next stage of work includes establishing joint ventures with successful and reliable local partners.

2. Early Stage

Together the partners, Nur Energie assembles local teams with expertise in a variety of development, finance and policy fields; and then begins selecting and securing accessible, high solar radiation sites with no alternative agricultural or social use. Once the site is identified the next stage is to start preliminary site, grid surveys and engineering and technical prefeasibility studies. Once the project is identified Nur works closely with technology providers to identify the optimum technology based on the site characteristics, stakeholder requirements and off-taker terms.

3. Late Stage

Nur then completes permitting in order to achieve all necessary authorizations to complete the project. Nur Energie also liaises with EPC companies to secure EPC and O&M contract to secure the project construction and longevity before financial structuring.

4. Financial Close

During this stage Nur completes the off take agreement (PPA), arranges project finance including multi laterals, development banks, commercial banks and export credit agencies, and finally identifies equity providers to buy or invest in the construction of the project.

Development Experience and Process

Nur has gathered extensive development experience in all solar technologies. Nur and its partners control the entire development process in-house ensures rigorous quality control along each step of the value chain, meeting financial returns, and technical feasibility and implementation criteria.