Nur Energie`s activities in France are focused on PV, BIPV and CPV and has over 10MW of projects under development.

Nur Energie in France

In France, Nur Energie has successfully developed solar projects that currently provide the French national grid with electricity generated from renewable energy.

GPMM 10MW Building Integrated PV Project, Marseille

Nur Energie has been developing solar projects in France benefitting from the predictable administrative process, medium to high solar insulation and encouraging business climate in France. Due to these precedent conditions, Nur Energie is focused on PV, BIPV and CPV projects that offer the most attractive returns in order to become a large solar power generator and a major solar utility in the Mediterranean region.  Nur Energie has evaluated a total of 76 MW of Solar PV developments in France since 2009.

By creating alliances with local partners and specialists with a long history in photovoltaics, Nur Energie creates strong synergies and the ability to offer innovative energy solutions by utilizing the most appropriate technology to maximize electricity production and, since all power must be injected into the grid, maximize the revenues due to power purchase agreements.

Themis: Pilot project (172 kW CPV)

Nur Energie successfully co-developed a 182kWp landmark CPV project, with French CPV expert Soitec, and is one of the first European projects utilizing and testing innovative CPV technology to be in operation. The 182 kWp project was undertaken in scientific collaboration with the French innovation funding and obtained the Derbi-associated CNRS research cluster for CPV technology on site. The project has been sold under a 20 year off take agreement providing renewable energy directly to the French national grid.

Marseille: operational (10 MW BIPV)

In 2009, the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille launched a national tender which aimed at replacing more than 100.000 sqm of warehouses` roofs by building integrated photovoltaics. The winner of this tender would be granted a leasing agreement for 20 years to fit the national power purchase agreements.

Although the tender has been disturbed by several regulation changes, Nur Energie finally won this tender in 2012 and should initiate the construction of this 10 MW plant in 2015.