Nur Energie has been present in Morocco since 2012, building long-term relationships with key local stakeholders to develop CSP and PV projects.

Solar PV power plant in Morocco

Nur Energie is focused on developing a portfolio of PV and CSP projects in Morocco through private (industrial partners) and tenders (Masen). Nur Energie has been operating two meteorological and DNI measurement stations in Morocco since summer 2012. Nur Energie also works with industrial partners in Morocco to identify methods to reduce energy demands using both PV and CSP technology.

Nur Energie has actively monitored the Masen tenders and most recently formed a Consortium to participate in the latest Masen Noor PV tender.

Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy, MASEN

The Moroccan Government has set an objective of installing 6,000MW from renewables (hydro, wind and solar) by 2020. The Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (MASEN), a public-private venture has been established to lead the solar plan and to commission a target of 2,000MW of installed solar by 2020.

MASEN has made major progress in implementing its target with the 500MW Ouarzazate Noor I, II and III projects. MASEN is set to follow up by releasing a series of PV tenders; Masen has recently released the Noor IV PV phase of 170 MW capacity across 3 sites for expected delivery in 2016.

CSP power plant in Morocco for industrial use