Main Shareholders

Nur Energie’s principal shareholders are Armonia LLC, a triple bottom line Family Office, and Low Carbon Ltd, a leading UK based renewable energy investment company. The remaining shareholders include the Management team and a number of Private Investors.

Armonia LLC

Nur Energie's largest shareholder is Armonia LLC, an “impact investor” based in the USA. Armonia uses multiple forms of capital (financial, human, network, intangible) to support systemic shifts towards harmony. Armonia’s intention is to catalyze regeneration of soil, soul, and society. They believe in seeding society with values of fundamental interconnection, well-being, and holism. Armonia’s work is to support and partner with visionaries who are implementing this viewpoint. Since 2007, Armonia has seeded and invested in a number of sustainable/impact funds, companies and projects.

Low Carbon Ltd

Low Carbon invests in renewable energy companies and projects. Embracing solar photovoltaic, concentrated solar power, wind and anaerobic digestion technologies, Low Carbon have funded and are building and/or operating more than 180MW, aligning with long-term global demand for renewable energy and its opportunities for their investor partners. Low Carbon has deployed over £200 million to renewable energy investments a total they expect to increase as demand for sustainable power grows.