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TuNur participates in workshop on structural transformation of North Africa through economic integration

Mar 2, 2016

Director and CEO of TuNur, Kevin Sara, presents at AfDB/AMU workshop.

The workshop on structural transformation of North Africa through economic integration was organised by the African Development Bank and the Arab Maghreb Union and took place in Casa Blanca from 29 February to 1 March 2016. The main objective of this event was to identify how the region could enhance its integration by focusing on five core sectors: industrialisation and development of supply chains, energy and particularly renewable energies, transport, logistics and related infrastructure, integration of financial services, as well as agriculture and food security.

Kevin Sara explained the benefits that TuNur would bring to the region, including an increase in FDI and job creation, both fostering economic development. Furthermore, the project would support the development of local supply chains which in turn will facilitate the development of future project, again leading to more economic development which will ultimately help stabilising the region.

About TuNur

TuNur is a solar export project from Tunisia to Europe. It aims to develop the first utility-scale solar export project between Tunisia and Europe. As a first stage, the project consists of a 250MW CSP Tower plant with molten salt storage with a dedicated HVDC transmission line from the site, landing in Malta. As a second stage, the project consists of 2,250MW CSP Tower plant with molten salt storage on the same site with a dedicated HVDC transmission line from the site, landing North of Rome, Italy. Once landed in Italy 9,000GWh per annum of low carbon dispatchable power will be transported to off-takers across Europe. The project will contribute significantly to the decarbonization of the European grid by opening a new energy corridor between North Africa and Europe, purposefully built for the transportation of solar energy from the Sahara desert to the European grid. At the same time the project will provide a strong stimulus to enhance the Tunisian economy and further its path toward sustainable growth.

About Nur Energie

Nur Energie is an independent solar power plant developer focused on significant climate change mitigation by opening new energy corridors. Nur is developing utility scale concentrated solar power (“CSP”) and photovoltaic (“PV”) projects in Southern Europe and North Africa that are capable of producing low carbon, base load power at competitive prices, all whilst generating significant socio economic benefits within the regions it develops in. Nur currently has over 2,200MW of under development in Greece, Morocco, Tunisia and France.



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