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Nur Energie hosts leading figures from the Algerian energy industry

Apr 9, 2010
On Thursday 25th March 2010 Nur Energie hosted an official Algerian delegation at the Nur Energie London office's.

The meeting was attended by leading executives from the Algerian energy industry including Mr Bouzriba Mohamed Salah, CEO of ARUPE, the National Agency for the Promotion and Rationalization of the Use of Energy, Mr Cherouati Nordine the CEO of ARH, the national regulator of the Algerian energy industry and Mr Derradji Badis, the CEO of NEAL, New Energy Algeria. Also in attendance was H.E. Andrew Henderson, Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Algeria.

H.E. Andrew Henderson, HM Ambassador to Algeria and Kevin Sara, CEO of Nur Energie

The UK Ambassador to Algeria opened the meeting by highlighting the important links in the energy industry between the UK and Algeria.

Kevin Sara, Founder and CEO of Nur Energie, gave an in-depth presentation about Nur Energie’s business focus, and the opportunity to export solar energy from North Africa to Europe.

Kevin Sara, CEO, underlined: “Our philosophy is to develop true and equal partnerships wherever we operate and we aim to embed our projects as far as possible in the local environment. For our CSP projects in Greece, we have signed a 50:50 joint-venture with Greece’s largest oil refining and distribution company Motor Oil Hellas, which is working very successfully. We are looking for partnerships in North Africa as well, and our meeting today was an excellent opportunity to deepen this approach in Algeria.”


Members of the Nur Energie team and Algerian delegation

The full lists of delegates were:
Mr Andy Henderson, Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Algeria
Mr Cherouati Nordine, CEO ARH
Mr Derradji Badis, CEO NEAL
Mr Bouzriba Mohamed Salah, CEO APRUE
Miss Youcef Khodja Wahiba, Deputy Director of Bilateral Cooperation Algerian Ministry of Energy
Mr Brahiti Kamel, Director of Protocol, Algerian Ministry of Energy & Mines
Mr Mohammed Amimor, Climate & Energy officer, British Embassy Algeria
Mr Mourad Adajabi, Counsellor, Embassy of Algeria
Mr Mourad Belmokhtar, Economic Counsellor, Embassy of Algeria
Mr Gareth Evans, DECC


About Nur Energie

Nur Energie is a dynamic solar development company, active in the most attractive markets of the Mediterranean region. It utilizes a multi technology platform and develops photovoltaic (PV), building-integrated PV (BIPV) and concentrated solar power (CSP) projects.

The company’s target is to develop the first solar export project from North Africa to Europe including an HVDC merchant cable across the Mediterranean. To this end, significant solar development activities in North Africa are coupled to development activities in Southern European countries, It is developing CSP projects in Tunisia and Greece, whereas the PV and BIPV projects are primarily developed in France and Italy.

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