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Nur Energie submits its reponse to the UK EMR Consultation

Mar 15, 2011

On 14th March 2011 Nur Energie submitted its response to the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s (“DECC”) Electricity Market Reform Consultation.

Coalition Announces Transformation of Power Market

Nur Energie’s response to the consultation, launched in December 2010, was focused on the need for the UK to allow for the import of clean energy from the continent in order to help diversify the energy mix thus maximising energy security and most importantly to help drive a competitively priced energy market which would ultimately lead to lower electricity costs for consumers.

The import of energy, and in particular CSP Solar from North Africa, could arrive in the UK at considerably lower costs than many alternatives as well as having multiple other benefits such as predictable and huge surplus of supply as well as creating jobs for UK businesses and improving the socio economic climate for North African countries.

Please click here to see Nur Energie’s white paper on the Import of CSP from North Africa.

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