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Nur Energie Launches Bid to Make Clean Sahara Sun Power Available to British Homes

Jun 10, 2012

Renewable, ‘Out-Of-Sight’ Clean Energy to be made available in 2016

Responding to the Department of Energy and Climate Change `Call for Evidence’ on their Renewable Energy Consultation, London based Nur Energie Ltd has recommended that the UK quickly authorises the import of renewable solar energy from North Africa.

With the joint venture between London-based Nur Energie and Tunisian oil and gas group, Top Oilfield Services (TuNur Ltd.), the UK is now uniquely positioned to benefit from the first solar export project in Tunisia – connecting the European Power grid to supply cost-effective power to the UK and other European countries.

Technically advanced and cost-effective, Sahara sun power represents a demonstrable ‘win-win’ renewable energy option for the UK government to help meet its European Union 2020 renewable energy targets.

Nur Energie is confident that the flexibility mechanisms in the Renewable Energy Directive will provide a cost-effective opportunity for the UK to meet its 2020 targets.  Additionally, trading renewables will reduce the overall costs to consumers & business.

In line with UK Government targets
In a recent speech to the lean Energy Ministerial Conference, Prime Minister David Cameron said, “…more diverse cleaner mix of energy sources that will give energy security without causing irreparable damage to our planet…we do not just need greener energy but we also need cheaper energy too… solar costs have halved in just two years” and “…we need a way of getting this power to where the demand is and trading is something Britain is determined to lead”.

Key Benefits of the TuNur Project :
1. Cost
Power from the TuNur project will be lower cost than the main alternative renewable energy sources, such as offshore wind, by requiring a lower FiT-equivalent PPA or contract for differences (CfD) than these alternatives.
2. Value of the power
Power from the TuNur project could be delivered during the daytime & evening, matching UK demand. The supply would be stable and predictable over the day, due to the solar thermal technology used, including thermal storage.
3. Sustainability
In addition to generating zero-carbon power, the TuNur project has a low environmental impact and has local community support.
4. Viable Transmission Route
Power from TuNur will reach Italy via a new HVDC link, and can reach other markets via existing transmission infrastructure.
5. Economic benefit in UK
The UK’s existing technical & commercial expertise in renewables will be well placed to benefit from TuNur.
6. Economic benefit in Tunisia
TuNur will bring significant development opportunities to Tunisia as it transitions into a modern democracy and has the support of the UK Embassy in Tunis and the FCO.

Tunisian Government Support for TuNur at Highest Level
Within Tunisia, the project has received support from the new Government and endorsed at meetings with the President and Prime Minister in March 2012.

Academic Study Commissioned for TuNur
Imperial College, together with DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability, conducted a detailed technical analysis on the impact of the TuNur project on the European electricity network and found no significant grid bottleneck across the Southern- and Western European electricity network for electricity to be traded into the UK.
According to Goran Strbac, Professor at Imperial College, “Our analysis shows that the grid capacity already exists in Europe to inject solar power from Tunisia into the Italian electricity network, and with the right regulatory regime in Europe, the full benefits of such projects can be shared among across the EU.”

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