Nur Energie is a multi-technology 
solar power plant developer 
in the Mediterranean.

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What we do

A solar developer and utility

Nur Energie develops solar power plants in the Mediterranean region and is establishing itself as a solar electric utility, developing, owning and operating large scale solar power generating assets in the region.

A multi-technology developer

Nur Energie works with different solar technologies (including CSP, CPV, PV and BIPV), and selects the best matched technology for each particular project based on its unique geographic and solar resource characteristics.

Solar export from the Sahara

Nur Energie is developing a large-scale solar power export project from the Sahara to Europe.

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Local presence


Development of PV, BiPV and CPV projects across Southern France including a 10MW BiPV project in the Port de Marseille. France Projects


Joint Venture with Motor Oil Hellas to develop two CSP plants on Crete and Rhodes, each approximately 50MW in size. Greece Projects


Developed and sold greenfield PV power plants in Puglia and ongoing licensing and permitting work for the European end of the export project from Tunisia. Italy Projects


Development of PV and CSP projects for local consumption by industrial partners.  > Morocco Projects


Development of a utility-scale CSP plant in Southern Tunisia (2000MW) for export to Europe. Tunisia Projects

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